The Day at a Glance | January 27 2023

*Mexico`s trade balance logged a deficit worth 26,421 million dollars at the end of 2022.

*Consumer inflation in Japan reached a 41-year high in January by setting at 4.4%. The underlying component set at 3.0%.

*The US private consumption deflator logged a 0.1% monthly figure in December; the same as the previous figure and above the expected 0.0%. At an annual rate, the deflator slowed down by setting at 5.0% (in line with estimates) from the previous 5.5% (Nov.). 

*Russia intensified attacks in Northern and Eastern Ukraine in an attempt to cross local defense lines after Germany and the US announced they would send tanks to Ukraine.

Economic environment

December`s timely foreign trade data logged a trade surplus worth 984 million dollars. The figure is the result of a 3.4% annual growth in imports (to 48,339 million dollars) and a 3.4% annual increase in exports (to 49,323 million dollars). Automotive exports logged the largest annual increase (13.8% annual), while they hiked 18.2% with respect to the previous year. Additionally, oil exports also increased considerably; 34.2% in 2022. As for imports, oil decreased -3.8% annual in December, although they increased 37.6% throughout the year. Lastly, imported capital goods increased 13.2% in December and 18.9% in 2022, which contrasted with a -1.0% decrease in consumer goods in December.

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