The Day at a Glance | April 15 2021

The Top

*Retail sales in the US grew 9.8% in March (vs 5.8% e.).

*Chamber of Deputies in Mexico approves Hydrocarbons Law reform.

*The United States announces new sanctions on Russia for influencing US elections and tensions in Ukraine; US banks will not be able to participate in the issuance of Russian sovereign debt.

*Economic indicators: Initial jobless claims fall to 576 thousand in the US, their lowest level since March 2020.

Economic environment

Retail sales in the United States highly exceeded estimates by recording a 9.8% monthly growth rate in March. The data confirms that there is firm expansion in consumption in the world`s largest economy, a sign that suggests that the economic recovery maintains a solid pace of recovery. At an annual rate, retail sales recorded a 27.7% rise, which shows a strong rebound in consumption a year after the shutdowns caused by the pandemic. Month over month, the figures show a solid recovery in consumption after February logged a contraction (-2.7%) due to a negative impact from extreme weather conditions. Motor-vehicle sales (15.1% monthly), sporting and entertainment goods (23.5%), food and beverage services (13.4%), clothing (18.3%) and electronics (10.5%) recorded the largest rates of growth. Growth in the index`s less volatile component (excl. vehicles and gasolines) was also extraordinary: 8.2% monthly (17.9% annual). The data reinforces the idea that recent fiscal stimuli continues to strengthen the recovery through increasing American household incomes, who decide to channel this towards consumption.

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