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Venezuela Devalues Currency for Airlines, Remittances

Venezuela devalued its currency for airline tickets and incoming foreign direct investment as it attempts to halt the hemorrhaging of dollars that has pushed international reserves to a 10-year low. Airlines will be reimbursed for ticket sales at the exchange rate used at weekly auctions, which last sold dollars at 11.36 bolivars, compared with the official

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Investors Flee Developing Countries

Investors dumped currencies in emerging markets, underscoring growing anxiety about the ability of developing nations to prop up their economies as they face uneven growth. The Argentinian peso tumbled 16% against the dollar as the South American nation’s central bank stepped back from its efforts to protect the currency. The Turkish lira sank to a

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Crises Squeeze Two Latin Leaders

The leaders of Argentina and Venezuela were set to attend a conference in Cuba to debate Puerto Rican independence on Tuesday, as their countries faced their most acute economic crises in a decade.      Their trips — coming as currencies plummet and uncertainty about burgeoning economic troubles grow — seemed to underscore for many Argentines and

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Apple, Samsung Confront New Rivals in China

En Estados Unidos y otras partes del mundo, Apple y Samsung Electronics son las marcas dominantes en teléfonos inteligentes. Pero en China, el mercado de teléfonos inteligentes más grande del mundo, todavía no tiene uno o dos claros ganadores.       Virtualmente desconocidos fuera de China, varias marcas domésticas están ganando terreno y tratando de desafiar al

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