The Day at a Glance | Jun 14 2022

The Top

*Inflation for producers in the United States increased slightly less than expected during May.

*A Financial Times survey revealed that 70% of surveyed economists expect a recession in the United States by 2023.

*Production chains will not recovery by 2023: DHL.

*Demand for oil will slow down in 2023: OPEC.

*Future natural gas prices in Europe increase in light of technical problems with supply from Russia.

*Finland accuses Turkey of obstructing its entry process to NATO.

Economic environment

Inflation for producers in the United States became more moderate. Production costs showed signs of moderation in growth during May. Inflation for producers logged a 0.8% monthly increase, in line with estimates, which allowed the index to stabilize at an annual 10.8% rate. Without considering the most volatile components, the producer´s price index increased 0.5% during the month and slowed down to a 8.3% annual pace. The data points out moderation in inflationary pressures for producers in the United States after it reached its peak in April. The figure offers little comfort for markets, which adjusted their interest rate expectations aggressively last week due to a surprising rise in consumer inflation in May. Today, the FED will start its monetary policy meeting, and markets are greatly awaiting its press release tomorrow. Markets speculate that the Federal Reserve will increase the federal funds rate in 75bp or even 100bp to contain inflation with greater probability.

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