The Day at a Glance | August 7 2023

*The consumer confidence indicator in Mexico reached a more than four-year high in July. 

*Oil prices continue to be affected by hostilities between Ukraine and Russia.

*Former U.S. President Donald Trump stated that he would not receive a fair trial in Washington, which is why he will request to move his trial outside the U.S. capital. 

*The US population will be affected by the weather at the beginning of this week: the southern part of the country is logging heatwaves that continue to break records; while the eastern part of the country will be affected by severe thunderstorms.

Economic environment

The consumer confidence indicator in Mexico improved for a third consecutive month and reached a more than four-year high at 46.2 points (+0.8). Four out of the five components that make it up logged monthly improvements – the most significant one being the expected economic situation of household members in 12 months compared to the current situation, with a variation of 1.6 points and set at 57.9; although the economic situation of the country today compared to 12 months ago declined -0.4 points, reaching 42.7 points. In annual terms, the five components recorded an average 5.1 points of progress; the category that logged the most noteworthy improvement was the one that captures the possibility of purchasing durable goods at the moment compared to a year ago, which increased by 6.2 points, but still lagged behind at 29.9.

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