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How Safe is Mexico?

Mexico is safer than other popular destinations.  Mexico, one of the world’s great travel destinations, is often singled out for violent crime without telling the whole story. While there is sporadic violence along parts of the U.S. border, the majority of Mexico’s key tourism areas are not only safe, but safer than many other popular

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10 frases para emprendedores

Anteriormente el término emprendedor se utilizaba mucho más para cuestiones relacionadas con negocios o empresas; hoy en día ese termino se ha diversificado y podemos encontrar que muchas personas se identifican con él, ya sean emprendedores laborales, sociales, políticos, etcétera.

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Where’s the Growth???

February 20, 2015                     Playa 9 So, with stock markets in the developed world on a tear and the Fed and the Bank of England considering hiking interest rates, one would think economic growth is back with a vengeance. After all, stock markets are fueled by expanding

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Careful what you wish for!

February 6, 2015                        Playa 8 Finally, after months of fretting by investors, they got what they so desired from the European Central Bank, and more. At the end of last month, the bank at long last decided to show all its cards and announced

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Crédito de la banca comercial a diciembre 2014

Sofía Robles Ligero repunte En diciembre del 2014 el saldo del financiamiento otorgado por la banca comercialpresentó un incremento nominal de 9.74%. De este indicador, el financiamiento otorgado al sector privado, que constituye el 75% del financiamiento total, presentó un incremento de 8.2% en la Cartera Vigente, un crecimiento mayor al presentado los últimos 4

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