In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico and under the auspices of the Asia Plan Directorate, Intercam Financial Group orchestrated a distinguished gala dinner on May 24th, 2023, uniting our esteemed Clients, prominent chambers, and leading companies from the Asian nation with substantial investments in Mexico.

Esteemed attendees included high-ranking executives and Carlos Peñafiel Soto, the Ambassador of Mexico in Korea. Noteworthy corporations in attendance encompassed Hyundai, Samsung Electronics, KIA Motors, Winia, and Posco, among others.

During this remarkable occasion, Mr. Eduardo García Lecuona, President of Intercam Financial Group, delivered a keynote address elucidating Mexico’s pivotal role in the Nearshoring process. His insightful discourse expounded upon Intercam’s vision in this context and our comprehensive Asian program. A compelling promotional video in Korean was showcased, accompanied by the dissemination of informative Intercam printed material in the local language.

Subsequent to the event, Mr. Lecuona, accompanied by Humberto Esqueda, Director of Intercam´s Asia Plan, engaged in a productive series of meetings with clients and conducted a range of notable visits. Among these, a notable highlight was the tour of the Samsung Innovation Center and an esteemed visit to the Korean Stock Exchange, where our Executive President was bestowed with the distinguished title of guest of honor.

The resounding success of this event is evident in the reinforced and vital relationships fostered, solidifying our prominent position as the preeminent bank among Korean and Asian corporations operating within Mexico.

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