The presence of Intercam Banco goes beyond our borders | Intercam The Nearshoring Bank®

With the international presence of Intercam Banco in various global business forums, from April 22 to 26, it participated in Europe’s most important industrial exhibition: Hannover Messe 2024, in Germany.

During this year’s edition, the event served as a forum to present technological innovations aimed at generating clean energy, electric vehicles, advanced manufacturing processes, and a large number of companies in the process of relocating.

For the first time, Intercam Banco participated as a sponsor in an event 100% focused on Nearshoring in Europe, showcasing that, based on its extensive experience with companies specializing in International Trade, Intercam continues to position itself as the Nearshoring Bank.

Humberto Esqueda, Director of Global Business, was responsible for highlighting all the comprehensive solutions, competitive advantages, and financial services that Intercam Banco offers to organizations interested in relocating to our country.

It is worth noting that both the German and European markets are priorities for Intercam Banco’s Nearshoring strategy, and the institution’s presence represents a firm commitment to advancing this objective.

Likewise, Mexico was represented by a pavilion from the AMSDE (Mexican Association of Secretaries of Economic Development, A.C.), where the main recipient states of FDI were showcased, along with strategic infrastructure projects such as the transoceanic corridor.

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